We will have 2 dropins a week for the summer season of 2022. Cost to skate is $12.00 per skate.

We use benchapp and facebook for dropin signups. Please contact chris.honu@gmail.com to get involved.

Here is the current dropin schedule:

High Dropin times:

TUES5/3/228:30 PMRalstonHigh / Low
TUES5/10/228:30 PMRalstonHigh / Low
TUES5/17/228:30 PMRalstonHigh / Low
TUES5/24/228:30 PMRalstonHigh / Low
TUES5/31/228:30 PMRalstonHigh / Low
WEDS6/8/229:30 PMMoylanHigh / Low
WEDS6/15/229:30 PMMoylanHigh / Low
WEDS6/22/229:30 PMMoylanHigh / Low
WEDS6/29/227:00 PMRalstonHigh / Low
WEDS7/6/227:00 PMRalstonHigh / Low
WEDS7/13/227:00 PMRalstonHigh / Low
WEDS7/20/229:30 PMMoylanHigh / Low
WEDS7/27/229:30 PMMoylanHigh / Low
WEDS8/3/227:00 PMRalstonHigh / Low
WEDS8/10/227:00 PMRalstonHigh / Low
WEDS8/17/227:00 PMRalstonHigh / Low
WEDS8/24/227:00 PMRalstonHigh / Low
WEDS8/31/227:00 PMRalstonHigh / Low

Low Dropin Times

THURS5/5/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS5/19/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS5/26/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS6/2/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS6/9/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS6/16/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS6/23/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS6/30/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS7/7/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS7/14/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS7/21/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS7/28/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS8/4/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS8/11/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS8/18/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov
THURS8/25/227:00 PMMOTTOLow / Nov