Tournament Type: 3 Game round robin, then Playoff to Championship.
When: September 18th – 20nd, 2020
Where: Moylan Tranquility Iceplex, Motto Mclean Ice Rink and Grover Ice Rink
Cost Per Team: $800.00, (due August 28th) see Registration Page
Rosters: 15 skaters plus goalie (no subs allow)
Skill Levels: Novice, Low Intermediate and High Intermediate divisions, see skill level guide lines
Age Range: All players must be 18 years old or older

Rules: Please see the rules page for this

On ice Rules: We will be adhering to the same rules MCHL uses; no ringers, no checking, no fighting, blue line icing, tie breaker will be a shootout, etc. All games consist of three 17-minute, running clock periods. The ice will not be resurfaced between periods. All games must be completed in the one hour curfew time. Should the goal differential be two goals or less and the time remaining in the third period is 2 minutes or less, the clock will stop with each stoppage in play. See official MCHL Rules for details:

Referees & Score Keepers: Refs will be paid $35 per game ($45 for refs with USA hockey cert). Scorekeepers will be paid $25 per game. Game stats will be recorded and posted on the tournament website for review.

Trophy: We will have a perpetual trophy. The tournament winner will be engraved on the trophy when the tournament is over. The skills competition team winner will be engraved on the trophy as well.

Tournament Facebook Page:

Reserve a Spot: Team fees are not due until August 30th, 2019 but you can reserve your spot today. Feel free to reserve your team’s spot on the
Registration Page.

Contact: Please feel free to contact Chris Hoekstra for any information on this tournament: