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Team Pictures
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Novice Division:

Nov19-23 – Menace Drinky Crow vs Stars Black

Nov19-22 – Pirate Expendables vs Stars Black

Nov19-21 – Menace Drinky Crow vs Swift

Nov19-17 – Menace Silver vs Menace Black

Nov19-16 – Flying Vs Vs Swift (Novice)

Nov19-14 – Stars Gold vs Pirate Expendables

Nov19-14 – Stars Gold Vs Pirate Expendables 2

Nov19-13 – Stars Black Vs Rink Rats

Nov19-11 – Stars Gold vs Flying Vs

Nov19-10 – Bearded Clams vs Menace Drinky Crow

Nov19-09 – Stars Black vs Menace Silver

Nov19-07 – Menace Black vs Swift

Nov19-06 – Pirates Expendables vs Beared Clams

Nov19-05 – Rink Rats vs Stars Gold

Nov19-02 – Stars Black vs Snipers Green

Nov19-01 – Menace Black vs Firehouse Subs

Low Intermediate Division:

Low19-25 – Pirate Rebels Vs Shower Beers

Low19-24 – Pirate Rebels Vs Vagetarians

Low19-23 – Shower Beers Vs Menace (Low)

Low19-22 – Bills Vs Menace (Low)

Low19-21 – Vagetarians vs Mustache Mafia

Low19-21 – Vagetarians Vs Mustache Mafia 2

Low19-20 – Pirate Rebels Vs Menace (Low)

Low19-19 – Shower Beers vs Berserkers

Low19-18 – Bench Bosses Vs Snipers Gold

Low19-17 – Mustache Mafia vs Ice

Low19-15 – Stars Blue Vs Bills

Low19-12 – Shower Beers vs Stars Red

Low19-10 – Pirate Rebels vs Bench Bosses

Low19-09 – Stars Blue vs Ice

Low19-09 – Stars Blue vs Ice 2

Low19-08 – Menace Low vs Fighting Squirrels

Low19-06 – Berserkers vs Pirate Rebels

Low19-05 – Bills vs Ice

Low19-02 – Mustache Mafia vs Stars Red

High Intermediate Division:

High19-14 – Snipers Black Vs Knights

High19-13 – Knights Vs Stars Maroon

High19-12 – Menace (High) Vs Snipers Black

High19-11 – Snipers Black vs Knights

High19-10 – Pirates Silver Vs Stars Maroon

High19-09 – Menace vs Siouxland

High19-07 – Pirates Silver Vs Menace (High)

High19-06 – Siouxland Vs Stars Maroon

High19-04 – Stars Maroon vs Snipers Black

High19-03 – Stars Navy vs Siouxland

High19-02 – Menace vs Knights