Skill Levels

Level USA Hockey Good Life / Stars Hot as Hell MCHL AHA WHAM
Level 1 Beginner Low Novice Novice Beginner Beginner C3
Level 1.5 Beginner Low Novice Novice Novice D2 C3
Level 2 D3 League High Novice Novice Novice D1/D2 C1/C2
Level 2.5 D2 League High Novice Intermediate C Intermediate B D1/C3 C1/B3
Level 3 D1 League Low Intermediate Intermediate C Intermediate B C2/C3 B2
Level 3.5 C3 League Low Intermediate Intermediate B Intermediate C1 B1
Level 4 C2 League High Intermediate Intermediate B Intermediate B3 A2
Level 4.5 C1 League High Intermediate Intermediate A MCHL B2 A2/A1
Level 5 B2 League Elite Intermediate A MCHL B1 A1
Level 5.5 B1 League Elite MCHL
Level 6 A League Elite MCHL

The following are considered 4.5/5.0 and above:
High School AAA
ACHA D1, D2 & D3
NCAA D1, D2 & D3
Junior D1, D2 & D3
USHL / ECHL / Etc.

USA Hockey Division Descriptions:

D-League is for newer players and those who aren’t quite as skilled at the sport. To join a rec league at all, you should already know the basics — shooting, skating, stopping. However, skills beyond these aren’t guaranteed at this level. If you are new to hockey, this will be the league you will start in. And while it’s possible to move up to C-League, if you don’t play or practice very often, you will likely remain here. The majority of players are going to be found in either D or C-league though, so you shouldn’t worry about where you are placed.

If you have been playing ice hockey for much of your adult life, then you’re probably in C-League in most regions. Players in this league have a solid grasp on the fundamentals, including multiple shooting styles, skating backward, and stopping from a sprint. For most players, this tier is going to be the upper limit for their skill. In order to advance beyond C-League, you would likely have to put a lot more time and effort into practicing than most casual players can.

Those found in B-League may have played ice hockey in college or high school and have been playing ever since. They know the ins-and-outs of the game like the back of their hand and can perform all of the high-leveled maneuvers and strategies. These players just aren’t quite on the same level as the A-League players.

Players in A-League are often former pros, semi-pros, or high-level collegiate players. Something to keep in mind about this tier is that you generally aren’t going to move up into it from a lower tier over time. These players have put in an extreme amount of time and effort to hone their skills. And because of that, the barrier to entry into this tier is high.