The tournament will be adhering to the USA Hockey (no checking) rule book as far as game play with the modifications MCHL follows;

  • No RIngers
  • No Checking
  • No Fighting
  • Blue Line Icing

Game Play:
All games consist of three 17-minute, running clock periods. The ice will not be resurfaced between periods. All games must be completed in the one hour curfew time. Should the goal differential be two goals or less and the time remaining in the third period is 2 minutes or less, the clock will stop with each stoppage in play. See official MCHL Rules for more details:

Tournament Format:
All teams will play three games initially. Tie games are allowed.

  • Seeding points will be; 2 points for a win, 1 point for a shootout loss and 0 points for a loss
  • Seeding tie breaker will be;
    • Points
    • Head-to-head
    • Goal differential
    • Goals against
    • Penalty minutes
  • Standings will be updated on the standings page.


Depending on the division size, we will have 4 team playoffs. If a division is smaller, we will not have a playoff. Playoff will be single elimination bracket play.

Release of Liability Waiver / Age:
All players must sign a release of liability waiver to play. If a waiver is not signed, they do not have permission to play. All players must be at least 18 years of age, parent or guardian must sign waiver if under 18 of age.

Skill Levels:
The tournament skill levels are spelled out on our site. Please make sure your team falls in line with the laid out guidelines. The captains will review rosters and call out any ringers. Any player within a division that is determined be at a higher skill level then the division allows will be removed from the tournament, see Ringer Rule

Referees have the last word. Referee harassment will not be tolerated at this tournament. Any player harassing an official physically or verbally will be removed from the game. The player maybe suspended from play for the next game. It will be left to the tournament director or assistant directors. This also goes for players watching any game. Harassing a referee(s) from off the ice will constitute suspension and possible removal from the tournament completely without refund. This also falls under coaches and spectators, see USA Hockey Rule for more info.

Fighting will not be tolerated at this tournament. Any player involved or deemed by the officials to be fighting will be removed from the tournament and will not be allowed to play any remaining games. No refunds will be given to the offender.

If a player receives 3 minor penalties in one game they will be removed from that game will be allowed to play in the next game.  Any player who receives a major penalty they will be removed from that game and will be suspended for the next game (as is the case with MCHL). No subs are allow to skate in the place of a suspended player. Goalies are an exception but must be vetted.

A “Ringer” is a player that is too good to be playing in a given division. A standard has need set in Omaha club team tournaments and this tournament is no exception. Any player or team that is suspected of being a ringer(s) must be brought to the attention of the tournament director by the team captain. If a player or team is determined to be a ringer(s) they will be removed from the tournament without refund. All their goals will be deducted from the score sheets. In addition, their opponent will get a 2-0 win. Penalty minutes will still count against ringer rule breaking team during these games for tiebreakers.

Once the rosters are approved by tournament officials, they are final. No subs will be allowed once the tournament has started. If a team skates with a player not on their roster, they will forfeit the game and take a loss. Each team is allowed 15 skaters max per game. That means subs cannot be dressed and cannot skate at all if the team already has 15 skaters. Each team is allowed 2 subs in the event a player is absent for a game. If a player is removed for being a ringer, no replacement will be allowed.

No refund will be returned to players removed from the tournament by an official or is suspended from game play due to penalties. No refund will be returned to players or teams determined to be ringer(s).

All home teams should wear dark jerseys. Visiting teams will wear light jerseys. Not all teams have a light set of jersey. So please be willing to adjust and work with each other. Goalies most wear light jerseys when their team is light and dark jerseys when their team is dark.

We are all here to have fun and play hockey with our friends. So, let’s do that! Stay chill and play some puck! This is a beer League Tournament, there will be NO SCOUTS watching the games!! Hard, clean play is expected, but even more important is to have fun!!!!!